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Estimate Your Rate for TEXT-TO-PAY

The Complete Solution for the Cannabis Industry

Basic Explanation

The NER (net estimated rate/revenue) Calculator spreadsheet is dynamic.

First put in your monthly gross highlighted in green (B2). Then see how much your NET REVENUE will rise with a 20% increase in sales minus the cost of the service (rows 10/11 and 20/21).

Now estimate the actual cost of the service to your store depending on the service fee you pass on to your customers. Play around with the Cash Discount highlighted in yellow. (B5 and B15). Try different amounts. Then scroll to your Average Transaction Size on rows 4/14 and look down the column and you will see how it works rather quickly.


If you have an average sale amount of $80.00, set at a $3.50 flat rate service fee, the Net Effective Rate to the dispensary is 2.95% for using the service. (and this is including the $0.30 per transaction fee). Set at a 6.00% convenience fee the Net Effective Rate will be 1.33%.

For every 100k in business using the same average sales amount you would see an $11,935.00 or a 12% rise in Net Revenue every month after the cost of the service. This is less than the average of our 360+ locations currently on board. A very conservative estimate. Enter different convenience fee amounts to find your sweet spot. TEXT-TO-PAY is going to more cost effective than a Cashless ATM to you and your customers in most circumstances.

Detailed Explanation

First enter the Gross Sales Volume (in green), representing your volume BEFORE accepting cards. (column B, row 2)

Then enter the dollar amount you would like to share with your customers. (think ATM surcharge) in column B, row 5 (this will be a flat rate). Then hit enter. The numbers will automatically change in the spreadsheet. Or enter in the amount in column B, row 15 and this will be calculated as a percentage.

Rows 4/14 – Use the scroll bar at the bottom right side of the page (if needed) to get to your Average Transaction Size.
Rows 5/15 – Cost to the Dispensary – reported as a $ amount for that transaction.
Rows 6/16 – Less the Cash Discount – the amount you choose to pass on to your customers.
Rows 7/17 – Will report the Net Cost as a dollar amount per transaction to the store (the $0.30 is included).
Rows 8/18 – Will report the Net Effective Rate as the percentage rate per transaction to the store (the $0.30 is included).
Rows 9/19 – Will reflect the Additional NET REVENUE per Swipe in dollars based on a 20% increase in business.
Rows 10/20 – Will reflect the Additional NET REVENUE per Month in dollars based on a 20% increase in business.
Rows 11/21 – Will reflect the Net Impact to REVENUE per Month as a percentage based on a 20% increase in business.

David Winsen