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Why the Solution is Rock Solid

P2P Electronic Transaction Processing

What makes us unique in the industry is that we have direct relationships with everyone who touches an electronic transaction, and we leverage the rules that apply to our technology partners, the acquirers, the underwriters, the processors, and ultimately to the depository banks for the greatest benefit to our clients. Shift Retail and Wholesale clients enjoy long term, secure and cost effective electronic transaction processing.

For the last 9 years P2P technology has successfully been used globally to separate the card purchase from the prohibited good/service transaction. In 2019 the team approached domestic acquirers with the hypothesis that because the cannabis industry is so highly regulated, if P2P technology is employed correctly, the industry segment will prove to be low risk.

We completed our beta test in March of 2020 and the results were exactly as expected. The data showed a risk ratio 1/5th of the acceptable level for “traditional, low risk” industries. Because our P2P solutions yielded such a low risk, today we have HUNDREDS of medical, recreational and cannabis adjacent businesses in all states where cannabis sales are legal. All merchants must adhere to strict best practices and maintain a satisfactory risk level in order to remain on our platform.

We customize the best set of solutions for each and every clients’ unique needs, so businesses can safely accept all forms of electronic payments including credit and debit, with full transparency and without the risk of losing service. All of which is accomplished in a safe and contactless environment.

Contactless Payment Processing

Contactless Payment Processing – Credit & Debit also Wires and ACH

The most state of the art way to take credit and debit card payments at your Cannabis Retail, Medical or Delivery Service. FREE checking account included.

TEXT-TO-PAY is P2P transaction processing (very similar to paypal or venmo) ….. but faster and easier, safe and secure.

Step 1 – customer is texted an invitation to pay via the P2P payment platform
Step 2 – customer funds their P2P account via debit or credit card  1 or 2 clicks
Step 3 – the customer is then sent a Payment Request – they accept or decline


This is by far the fastest & easiest way to accept electronic payments.

– No apps, downloads or ID registrations of any kind
– No equipment cost of any kind
– No more touching or needing to swipe their credit/debit card

Comes with a FREE Cannabis Checking Account that is FDIC Insured.

TEXT-TO-PAY is a convenient solution to allow your business to accept payments via text messaging. Customers can respond entering their debit card or credit card or ACH payment information. The SMS payment gateway securely processes the payment and instantly sends the customer a receipt with your unique numeric descriptor.