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Accepting Only Debit Cards

The two solutions for accepting debit cards are a Cashless ATM and a Traditional Debit Card Processing solution. With the Cashless ATM the purchase is rounded up to the nearest $5 increment and the customer receives their change in cash. The customer is charged a flat fee and may then receive an “out-of-network” fee on their bank statement. The Traditional Debit Card Processing is exactly like it sounds. It’s tradition payment processing just like you see in every other retail store. The customer swipes their card and may then be charged a percentage of the sale amount. And there is no rounding.

There are a few issues with a Cashless ATM compared to Traditional Debit Card Processing. The first is the liability and risks associated with violating card brand network rules. Over the years some Cashless ATM’s have been shut down. Not enough to cause any great alarm, but it has happened.

The second is there are usually higher fees to the customer with a Cashless ATM. But this would depend on the average sale amount in your store. The higher the average sale amount the better off your customer will be with a Cashless ATM. If you do the math, customers that make a purchase of $100 or less are far better off with Traditional Debit Card Processing. At $150 the two solutions start to even out. But at $200 or more per purchase the Cashless ATM starts to become the more affordable option to your customer.

The third is that a Cashless ATM is not the traditional experience your customer would expect if they were shopping anywhere else. Traditional Debit Card Processing is exactly what it sounds like. It is the same experience they would have if they were buying a Starbucks or shopping at 7/11.



Accepting Both Debit & Credit Cards

TEXT-TO-PAY is Contact-less and accepting ANY type of non-cash payment.

State of the art way to take credit and debit card payments at your Dispensary or Delivery Service. Comes with a FREE checking account & debit card. FDIC

TEXT-TO-PAY is a P2P payment processing platform (like paypal or venmo) but faster and easier, safe and secure. Accepting every major credit card brand.

Step 1 – customer is texted an invitation to pay via the P2P payment platform
Step 2 – customer funds their P2P account via debit or credit card
Step 3 – A Payment Request is sent & they accept or decline


This is by far the fastest & easiest way to accept any electronic payment.

– No apps, downloads or ID registrations of any kind
– No equipment cost of any kind
– No more touching or needing to swipe their credit/debit card

Comes with a FREE Cannabis Checking Account that is FDIC Insured.

TEXT-TO-PAY is a convenient solution that allows your business to accept any non cash payment (debit or credit) via text messaging. Customers enter their debit card or credit card payment information in the TEXT-TO-PAY platform via a link in a text message. The SMS payment gateway securely processes the payment and instantly sends the customer a receipt with your unique numeric descriptor. TEXT-TO-PAY is compliant, private and secure.

David Winsen