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Cannabis Banking for Cash/Debit

Whether you decide to go with the Debit Card solution or the Credit Card solution you will absolutely need a Cannabis Bank Account. We do not provide cannabis bank accounts as a stand alone service unless you are a cannabis grower, manufacturer or distributor. For retail cannabis dispensaries & delivery services the banking must be tied to one solution or the other. If you already have a cannabis bank account you will need to call them first to see if they accept electronic payment via debit and/or credit cards. Most banks will accept debit cards but many will not accept credit cards.

If you need a cannabis bank account for the Cashless ATM / cannabis debit card transactions only, then we will find a brick and mortar bank that will accept those as well as your cash deposits. These accounts may have extra fees attached.

Cannabis Banking for Credit Cards

If you decide to go with the cannabis credit card solution we can guarantee you a cannabis checking account that can accept electronic transfers but will not allow cash deposits. It will be a full service account in all other respects, including check writing, payroll, paying taxes and it comes with a debit card as well. This type of account is only $99.00 a month. There are no hidden fees and no extra charges regardless of deposit amounts.

When accepting credit cards on our platform you must have a cannabis business bank account. Depending on the state we may be able to refer you to one that can take electronic as well as cash deposits. But if not, a cannabis checking account will be provided that will accept credit and debit card transactions only. It’s a very quick signup process and there is no minimum balance required.

Wholesale Cannabis Banking

If you are a Cultivator, Manufacturer or Distributor of cannabis, you know all too well the headaches of handling large amounts of cash. MMJ Bankers has a solution for you. Get a virtual cannabis business checking account. It’s only $99 to set up and $99 a month thereafter. If you need to write checks for payroll, taxes, etc… there will be $1.50 fee per check. There are no other hidden fees and you can transfer as much money as you want inside the bank for free. But more importantly… you can have as much money transferred to you (for free) by your dispensary clients.

So How is this Done?

The dispensary would have to have the ability to process credit cards. Something they want and need, and a service we provide. They would also get an account at the same bank, also provided by us. Once credit card deposits have been made to their cannabis account they can transfer money instantly and for free to your account.

What we need is your help. We need you to get on board, and then with your approval contact your clients to make them aware of this service. Beyond the obvious advantage to you, we are willing to pay a referral fee for introductions made either by you or by just having us cold call them with you as the reference.